Extra Rexx/Tk Options

Options additional to standard Tk options.


This manual entry describes a number of options that are provided by Rexx/Tk to add extra functionality.

For the specific syntax when using options in a function call, see the Options Syntax man page.

NOTE: These option names may NOT be abbreviated.

Various widgets allow the specification of a Tcl/Tk command to be executed in response to certain actions within a widget. When these standard options are specified, Rexx/Tk executes the associated Tcl/Tk command. Sometimes it is desirable to execute Rexx code in response to these widget actions.

Rexx/Tk supplies an equivalent set of switches that specify the value to be returned by the TkWait() command. They are:

Rexx/Tk SwitchTk Switch
-rexx -command
-xscrollrexx -xscrollcommand
-yscrollrexx -yscrollcommand

Another Rexx/Tk specific extension is for those Tk commands that bind mouse or or keyboard actions to Tcl commands. The Tk syntax allows for Tcl code to be specified as an argument with an optional leading '+' character. Rexx/Tk also allows a leading '*' character with this argument. This tells Rexx/Tk to return the characters following the '*' from the next call to TkWait().