The Rexx/Tk Library Functions

Rexx/Tk is an extension library for use with most versions of Rexx and providing access to the Tk Graphic User Interface Toolkit.

Standard Rexx/Tk functions

Rexx/Tk FunctionTcl/Tk Command
TkActivate(pathName, index) activate command in various widgets
TkAdd(pathName, type [,options...]) menu add
TkAfter(time|'cancel', 'command'|id) after
TkBbox(pathName [,arg...]) bbox command in various widgets
TkBind(tag [,sequence [,[+|*]command]]] ) bind
TkButton(pathName [,options...]) button
TkCanvas(pathName [,options...] ) canvas
TkCanvasAddtag(pathName, tag [,searchSpec [,arg] ) canvas addtag
TkCanvasArc(pathName, x1, y1, x2, y2 [,options...] ) canvas create arc
TkCanvasBind(pathName, tagOrId [,sequence [,[+|*]command]] ) canvas bind
TkCanvasBitmap(pathName, x, y [,options...] ) canvas create bitmap
TkCanvasCanvasx(pathName, screenx [,gridspacing] ) canvas canvasx
TkCanvasCanvasy(pathName, screeny [,gridspacing] ) canvas canvasy
TkCanvasCoords(pathName, tagOrId [,x0, y0, ...] ) canvas coords
TkCanvasDchars(pathName, tagOrId, first [,last] ) canvas dchars
TkCanvasDtag(pathName, tagOrId [,deleteTagOrId] ) canvas dtag
TkCanvasDelete(pathName [,tagOrId [,tagOrId...]] ) canvas delete
TkCanvasFind(pathName, searchCommand [,arg...] ) canvas find
TkCanvasFocus(pathName [,tagOrId] ) canvas focus
TkCanvasImage(pathName, x, y [,option...] ) canvas create image
TkCanvasLine(pathName, x1, y1, x2, y2 [xn, yn [,options...]] ) canvas create line
TkCanvasOval(pathName, x1, y1, x2, y2 [,options...]] ) canvas create oval
TkCanvasPolygon(pathName, x1, y1, x2, y2 [xn, yn [,options...]] ) canvas create polygon
TkCanvasPosctscript(pathName [options...] ) canvas postscript
TkCanvasRectangle(pathName, x1, y1, x2, y2 [,options...]] ) canvas create rectangle
TkCanvasText(pathName, x, y [,options...]] ) canvas create text
TkCanvasType(pathName, tagOrId ) canvas type
TkCanvasWindow(pathName, x, y [,options...]] ) canvas create window
TkCget(pathName [,arg...] ) cget command in various widgets
TkCheckButton(pathName [,arg...] ) checkbutton
TkChooseColor(option [,options...]) tk_chooseColor
TkChooseDirectory(option [,options...]) tk_chooseDirectory
TkConfig(pathName [,options...]) configure command in most all widgets
TkCurSelection(pathName [,arg...] ) curselection command in various widgets
TkDelete(pathName, start, end) delete command in various widgets
TkDestroy(pathName) destroy
TkEntry(pathName [,options...]) entry
TkError() new command - return Rexx/Tk error details
TkEvent(arg [,arg] [,options...]) event
TkFocus(pathName [,arg...]) focus
TkFontActual(font [,'-displayof', window], arg [,arg...]) font actual
TkFontConfig(font [,options...]) font configure
TkFontCreate(font [,options...]) font create
TkFontDelete(font [,font...]) font delete
TkFontFamilies(['-displayof', window]) font families
TkFontMeasure(font [,'-displayof', window], text) font measure
TkFontMetrics(font [,'-displayof', window], arg [,arg...]) font metrics
TkFontNames() font names
TkFrame(pathName [,options...]) frame
TkGet(pathName) get command in various widgets
TkGetOpenFile(option [,options...]) tk_getOpenFile
TkGetSaveFile(option [,options...]) tk_getSaveFile
TkGrab(type, pathName) grab
TkGrid(pathName [,pathName...] [,options...]) grid configure
TkGridBbox(pathName [,x, y [,x1, y1]]) grid bbox
TkGridColumnConfig(pathName, index [,options...]) grid columnconfigure
TkGridConfig(pathName [,pathName...] [,options...]) grid configure
TkGridForget(pathName [,pathName...]) grid forget
TkGridInfo(pathName) grid info
TkGridLocation(pathName, x, y) grid location
TkGridPropagate(pathName [,boolean]) grid propagate
TkGridRowConfig(pathName, index [,options...]) grid rowconfigure
TkGridRemove(pathName [,pathName...]) grid remove
TkGridSize(pathName) grid size
TkGridSlaves(pathName [,options...]) grid slaves
TkImageBitmap(pathName [,options...] ) image create bitmap
TkImagePhoto(pathName [,options...] ) image create photo
TkIndex(pathName arg) index command in various widgets
TkInsert(pathName [,arg...]) insert command in various widgets
TkItemConfig(pathName, tagOrId|index [,options...] ) itemconfig command in various widgets
TkLabel(pathName [,options...]) label
TkListbox(pathName [,options...]) listbox
TkLower(pathName [,belowThis]) lower
TkMenu(pathName [,options...]) menu
TkMenuEntryCget(pathName, index, option) menu entrycget
TkMenuEntryConfig(pathName, index [,options...]) menu entryconfigure
TkMenuInvoke(pathName, index) menu invoke
TkMenuPost(pathName [,arg...]) menu post
TkMenuPostCascade(pathName, index) menu postcascade
TkMenuType(pathName, index) menu type
TkMenuUnPost(pathName [,arg...]) menu unpost
TkMenuYPosition(pathName, index) menu yposition
TkMessageBox(message,title,type,icon,default,parent) tk_messageBox
TkNearest(pathName, xOry) nearest command in various widgets
TkPack(option [,arg, ...]) pack
TkPopup(arg [,arg...] ) tk_popup
TkRadioButton(pathName [,arg...] ) radiobutton
TkRaise(pathName [,aboveThis]) raise
TkScale(pathName [,options...]) scale
TkScan(pathName [,args...]) scan command in various widgets
TkScrollbar(pathName [,options...]) scrollbar
TkSee(pathName, index ) see command in various widgets
TkSelection(pathName [,args...]) selection command in various widgets
TkSet(pathName, value) set command in various widgets
TkSetFileType(type, extension[s...]) sets the rtFiletypes TK variable for use in both TkGetSaveFile() and TkGetOpenFile() as the -filetypes option
TkTcl(arg [,arg...]) any tcl command
TkText(pathName [,options...]) text
TkTextTagBind(pathName, tagName [,sequence [,[+|*]command]]) text tag bind
TkTextTagConfig(pathName, tagName [,option...]) text tag configure
TkTopLevel(pathName) toplevel
TkVar(varName [,value]) Tcl set command - set and retrieve Tk variables
TkVariable(varName [,value]) new command - set/query internal variables
TkWait() new command - returns the Rexx "command" from widgets when pressed/used
TkWinfo(command [,arg...]) winfo
TkWm(option, window [,arg...]) wm
TkXView(pathName [,arg...]) xview command of various widgets
TkYView(pathName [,arg...]) yview command of various widgets
TkLoadFuncs() N/A
TkDropFuncs() N/A

For the latest detailed information on use of standard the Rexx/Tk functions, reference the Tk Library documentation included with the Tcl/Tk distribution.

Rexx/Tk Extensions

Rexx/Tk is supplied with a number of extension packages. These extensions enable access to additional Tk widgets written in Tcl. See Rexx/Tk Extensions for general details on Rexx/Tk extensions.
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