Setting  It Up
This is the EASY way to get set up and running with Rexx/Tk on a Windows 95/98/NT or Linux system.  If you have anything else, then let's hope you can figure it out for yourself, 'cuz I ain't gonna be no help.

No, really, if you have any other OS, then let me know and I'll send you an e-mail which we'll then link to off of this page.  Between us, I'm sure we can get it running.

What You Need:

You will need to download or make sure you have three different packages.

  1. A REXX language package.  For purposes of this setup guide, we are using Regina Rexx.  Download it from here if you don't already have it.  Get the binary package if you have Windows.  If you have Linux, then get the source and compile it.
  2. Tcl/Tk.  This version of Rexx/Tk is developed with the 8.0 version.  I recommend using that unless you have a reason to use a later one.  But if, for instance, you already have another version installed on your system already, you can probably work just fine with that.  In any case, go here and download and install the proper version of Tcl/Tk, if you haven't already.
  3. Rexx/Tk.  The glue that sticks it all together.  Get that here.  Just unzip it into a directory that you can work in.  The only thing you really need is the "rexxtk.exe" file (under Windows).  If you are using Linux, you will have to run "configure" and then "make" to get the "rexxtk" binary.
Making It GO!

If you have gotten the correct software downloaded and installed as directed in the "What You Need" section above, then you are just about set.  The following steps are required to actually RUN a program under Rexx/Tk.

  • Find the rexxtk or rexxtk.exe executable in the Rexx/Tk package.  Copy it to somewhere in the path so it will execute.
  • Find the Regina dynamic library from the Regina package and put it in a place where your system looks for libraries.  Under Windows this file is called regina.dll and can be copied to the c:\windows\system directory or wherever you like to put those kind of files.  Under Linux this file is called and can be put in a lib directory or any directory that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable points to.
  • Find the "demo" directory in the Rexx/Tk package. Go to it and execute the "testtk.rexx" program by typing "rexxtk testtk.rexx" at the command prompt.  You should get a little test program with a "Press Me" button in it along with some other stuff.  If you don't, then check and make sure that the demo programs that came with both Regina and Tcl/Tk are working.  If they are, then write me.  Or panic.  Whichever you prefer.
If it didn't work, here are some of the major stumbling blocks to setting up a working Rexx/Tk:
  • Not using Regina Rexx.  While Rexx/Tk will work with many different versions of Rexx, it is being developed using Regina Rexx to test against and so we KNOW that works.  The Regina DLL (which is all you really need) is small and won't conflict with any other Rexx you have installed, so try it before you give up on Rexx/Tk.
  • Non-standard Tcl/Tk install.  If you chose anything other than the default options when installing Tcl/Tk then you are asking for trouble.  If rexxtk gave you an error trying to initialize TCL or TK then this is probably what caused it.  If you have to have a non-standard install of Tcl/Tk make sure all of your environment variables are set correctly by trying to run a TK program from the command prompt.  If you can't then re-read the Tcl/Tk docs to get things set up right.
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